Lips Boutique by JKA is an internationally recognized award-winning medical aesthetics clinic and a world leader in Lip Augmentation, Lip Enhancement, and Lips Correction with over 10,000 procedures performed.


Our expert knowledge, advanced modern techniques and the use of best available products on the market, will provide you with a comfortable, worry-free treatment and the dream look you desire!


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“Beauty will save the world”

- Fyodor Dostoevsky


Lips Boutique by JKA was established based on spiritual rules and values, such as honesty, trust, and most importantly, the Golden Rule:

Treat our clients the way we would want

to be treated.


“We do not consider Beauty as a factor of Vanity.

Beauty is radiating from your innermost expression of WHO-YOU-REALLY-ARE to the outside expression in physical form, which creates  a deeper alignment between your mind, body, and soul.  Our job as cosmetic injectors is to see that beauty from the inside and bring it forward to the physical manifestation visible to the eye.”  

- J.K.A. 2016

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We will not push our personal opinions on you


If we think your safety will be compromised, we will not perform any procedures on you


If we believe you are not ready for the treatment, we will not proceed

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We perform all our treatments with the goal to ultimately improve your life and raise positive vibrations. Our injections are made with love and we mean it!


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lip fillers clinic
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(647) 879 - 1660

All appointments must be booked in advance. Due to our busy schedule we cannot accommodate walk-ins. 

2570A Yonge Street

Toronto, On M4P 2J3

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