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Experience the difference

Lips Boutique by JKA is a premier medical aesthetics clinic founded by JKA, who has over 15 years of experience in this field. We offer various non-surgical procedures including anti-wrinkle treatments, lip enhancement, and non-surgical facial feature augmentation.  An extensive amount of time is spent with all our clients to provide an informative and comprehensive assessment about our treatments and products – it is of outmost importance that you make an informed decision regarding your care. 

our mission

To provide our clients with results that 100% align with their goals and expectations.


Practice conscious awareness and mindfulness while performing all our treatments.


All our medical staff are Licensed and Registered medical professionals, such as RN, RPN, NP and MD and are in good standing with appropriate Colleges.

Premium quality products

All high quality products used during our treatments are approved by Health Canada and are manufactured in Europe, USA, or Canada. Our dermal filler treatments come with a local anaesthetic – Lidocaine, which provides an extra level of comfort during the treatment. Although this product comes at a premium cost, we still maintain industry pricing on all our procedures – Lips Boutique by JKA clients do not absorb these premiums. 

Dr. Colin Hong

Medical Director

Dr. Colin Hong is a highly experienced plastic surgery specialist, practising cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Toronto. He the current Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Scarborough Centenary Hospital and the Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Centre with extensive experience in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Micro vascular Surgery and Hair Transplant Procedures. In the past, Dr. Hong held various positions such as, the President of Ontario Society of Plastic Surgery, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Rouge Valley Health System, and Vice President of Ontario Plastic Surgery.



JKA is a Registered Nurse in good standing at the College of Nurses of Ontario. With more than 15 years of experience and specialized training in Medical Aesthetics from the Unites States, Canada and Europe – JKA is a true master of her craft.

JKA is a McMaster University Alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, as well as a member of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. 


During my experience as an injector and a student of life in general, I realized that the outcome we achieve is impacted not just by our physical actions, but most importantly…our intentions, which can have a much greater impact and a lasting impression on the outcome. I’m a believer in using positive energy and an uplifting spirit while performing my treatments. Achieving results that are in alignment with the ABSOLUTE BEST for my clients is my predominant intention, which is why all my work is done in the spirit of LOVE!

As my beloved teacher S.N. Goenka used to say:

“May all beings be happy, peaceful, harmonious and fully liberated.”

With Love,

From all of us at Lips Boutique by JKA

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