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Face sculpting

Facial volume loss, due to decreased levels of collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid are all contributors in the aging process. If you are interested in perfecting your facial features and structure, then dermal fillers may be right for you. Common areas for such treatment include lips, cheeks, chin, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, and wrinkles (static wrinkles). During your consultation we will discuss and advise which filler and treatment area is right for you. You will get a overview of filler volume required, associated price, side-effects and after care needed to reach your optimal results.

Procedure quick facts:

  • Results are long lasting and usually exceed 1 year.

  • Effects are immediate, but some swelling and redness may occur and subside within two days.

  • Treatment time varies depending on the amount of filler injected and areas treated – typically from 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Treatment sometimes involves an application of a topical local anaesthetic cream for patient comfort.

  • Patients can apply makeup after treatment and go about their normal activities. However, we advise you to refrain from heavy exercise. 

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