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VIP Experience

If you are interested in having complete privacy during your visit, we offer special services to match your request. Booking a VIP experience means that only essential personnel will be present at the facility during your appointment and access will be restricted to the general public.

How it works

The boutique will close for 1 hour before and after your appointment. This will ensure that there are no other visitors at the time of your discrete and confidential visit. Lips Boutique by JKA staff will take special precaution to ensure no one sees you coming in or out of the clinic.


Valet parking is available upon request.


The discrete appointment fee is $6,000 plus the cost of products used for your desired treatments with a maximum of $5,000. 


Please note Lips Boutique by JKA requires that you make the minimum payment of $6,000 upon booking your private session.

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